Hobart Brewing Company

The Hobart Brewing Company is inspired by Hobart’s rich brewing heritage of the 19th century while celebrating Tasmania’s natural advantages of the Derwent valley’s pure water, superior hop farming and ideal brewing conditions. Our vision and passion is simple: to produce flavoursome beers that reflect our unique Tasmanian identity and celebrate our local ingredients.

Our Tap Room and Brewery

Our central Hobart taproom and brewery is situated at Macquarie Point, just behind the historic Hunter Street and a stone’s throw from Hobart’s famed Sullivan’s Cove. Our brewery is on full view from the taproom in the Red Shed where you will find our year round core beers as well as a range of seasonal brews and beers brewed in collaboration with other breweries. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, Hobart’s best “beer park” with fire pit, Food Trucks, and regular live music and events makes our home a pleasure to visit. Brewery tours, fresh beer and a variety of other great Tasmanian beverages are all available year round within our trading hours. Call us for enquiries about tours. Our Red Shed is also a great place for your next event. Rustic, warm and centrally located makes it a wonderful event space. Our beer can also be found at a number of great Tassie pubs and bars (and soon, beyond!).

Thursday  4pm – 10pm
Friday       4pm – 11pm
Saturday   2pm – 11pm

Harbour Master Tasmanian Ale

Harbour Master is a uniquely Tasmanian Ale that blends three distinct hop varieties grown right here in the Derwent Valley. This copper ale is tightly balanced and highly sessionable.

Brewer’s comments: “With this beer we wanted to showcase some of Tassie’s finest hops. While there are now many great examples of American pales, as well as English, German and Belgian-style beers, there hasn’t been a distinct Tasmanian style. We created Harbour Master as a beer that we imagined to be a distinctive Tasmanian Ale.
(Alv. 4.4%, IBU 35).

Iron Pot Rye Porter

Porter, the precursor of stout, has a long history hitting its popularity as the dark ale of choice in the 19th century in London and also along the wharfs of early Hobart. Our Porter is infused with a generous amount of rye providing a spicy biscuit note underpinning a velvety smooth chocolate richness. At 4.8%, Iron Pot drinks well above its weight. ABV: 4.8% IBU: 25

Saint Christopher Cream Ale

Cream ale is a hybrid fermentation with ale yeast and lagering conditioning. The result is a delicate balance between malt and hops that is easy drinking, gently sweet and with a touch of grainy character. Saint Christopher is a good choice for those moments when your thirst desires an easy drinking, lightly hopped beer. Ask for “a Traveller”. ABV: 4.7% IBU: 22

Xtra Tasmanian Pale Ale

From the isle of hops comes an unabashedly hop forward Tasmanian strength pale ale brewed with more malt and more hops. Xtra pours deep golden with a blend of floral, spice and fruit hoppiness finishing with a firm and lingering bitterness. Enough said. ABV: 5.6% IBU: 55

Shake ‘n Grind Gose

Gose is a rare, slightly sour and salty wheat beer from Germany. Brewed with the collaboration queens from the Wheaty Brewing Corps visiting us from the Wheatsheaf Hotel in Adelaide, our Gose was first kettle soured with lactobacillus, then brewed with Tasman Sea Salt and a blend of Tasmanian pepperberry and Indian coriander. ABV: 5% pH: 3.6

Our Story

Unsurprisingly, it all started over a beer. Scott Overdorf, an American brewer who learnt his craft in the shadows of the Colorado Rockies during America’s own brewing renaissance, has been honing his craft in Tasmania for the last five years at Moo Brew. The co-founder and head brewer loves the fact that Tasmanian ingredients are fuelling innovation in markets much further afield. Having experienced first hand America’s beer resurgence, Scott was firmly of the belief that Hobart was ripe for its own.

He was introduced in May 2014 with local beer lover and co-founder Brendan Parnell. Brendan’s own beer awakening was sparked into life on a trip through Belgium over a decade ago. The following seven years of his life working as a lawyer in England was merely a front to fund his double-life of Belgium and Dutch beer discoveries. Upon returning to Tasmania he discovered an incredible rich brewing past and set about unearthing it for all to see once again.

Together, Scott and Brendan share a passion they are determined to celebrate with their new Hobart brewery and tap room where they will continue to brew their favourite beers with Tasmania’s best ingredients while providing a gentle nod to Hobart’s past as a colonial brewing giant.  

Contact Us

Phone: 0423 550 311

Email: brendan@hobartbrewingco.com.au

Premises: The Red Shed, 16 Evans Street,  Macquarie Point,
Hobart, Tasmania